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Special Products

Find a large selection of hydraulic cylinders at Hydra Technology Corporation to help you get the job done right. Choose from high pressure compact cylinders, synchronous cylinders, heavy duty double-rod cylinders to extreme heavy duty industrial cylinders in a wide range of sizes and capabilities.

Proprietary Design
Hydra Technology Corporation will produce assembly drawings in AutoCAD format that fully illustrates the operation and construction of the hydraulic cylinder as well as its mounting envelope. (If required, manufacturing drawings / bills of material will also be developed.) After creation, the design will become the client’s property and will be distributed on disk or other electronic media.
*Hydratech will bill on a per-hour bass for all work done. Prototypes will be built for an additional agreed price. All other firm production prices will be quoted by either Hydratech or one of its manufacturing partners.*

Custom Design
Bores, strokes, and mountings are customized to existing Hydra Technology Corporation proprietary products with no separate design charge. Drawings showing mounting dimensions only and service views will be provided. Prototype and/or production prices will be quoted as above.