Custom Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

Designed for any Applicaton or Industry

At Hydra Technology Corp, we take pride in creating custom hydraulic cylinders of the highest quality. We offer a variety of custom designs and industrial hydraulic cylinders that get the job done.  Hydra Technology has extensive experience manufacturing custom OEM cylinders for the Agricultural, Aerospace, Machine Tool, Food and Beverage, Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer and many other industries. 

If you have any questions about a industrial hydraulic cylinder, please ask to speak to speak to one of our engineers today.

We Have Two Levels Of Engineering Services:
Proprietary Design

Hydratech will produce assembly drawings in Autocad format, which fully illustrate the operation and construction of the hydraulic cylinder as well as its mounting envelope. If required, Manufacturing Drawings/Bills of Material will also be developed. The design will become the clients property and will be provided on disk, CD or other electronic media. Hydratech will bill on a per hour basis for work done. Prototypes will be built for an additional agreed price and firm production prices will be quoted by either Hydratech or one of its manufacturing partners.

Custom Design

Bores, strokes, mountings are customized to existing Hydratech proprietary products with no separate design charge. Drawings showing mounting dimensions only and service views will be provided. Prototype and/or production prices will be quoted as above.